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All My Friends are Dog Filters


All My Friends are Dog Filters is an ongoing photo collage project inspired by Los Angeles and the crevices of its virtual personalities. The idea came about when my friends and I were swiping on dating apps and discussing the qualities we associate with people who use the dog filter in their profiles. The decision to do so is multi-faceted because it displays that a) this person likes to take filtered photographs of themselves and b) out of all the images in the world, they chose to display these obviously filtered depictions of themselves at the forefront of their virtual profile. It's easy to point a finger at the "dog-filter" as a reaction without realizing its presence as a reflection. Not only does the "Dog-Filter" display an affinity for abstraction from reality it also admits to the desire to be perceived in a way that is different from the ways we have traditionally been perceived. The reality is everyone online has their own type of Dog-Filter. As technology and the ways we navigate virtuality continue to progress at an astronomical rate, so too has the depth of our identities and the ways we look to express these new dimensions. 

Apply for a Dog Portrait

Do you live in LA? Do you want a dog version of yourself or somebody you know? Send me your profile and a note.

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